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in the bay area. on the peninsula, a service of remembrance gets underway at 7:00 in burlingame. will take place at the church on easton drive. >> school':ú@w security is on ms of many right now with some districts re-examining their procedures. >> abc 7 news checked in with the millbrae school district. today. leanne? >> well, carolyn, you know the school district says it has a solid security plan in place, they have been talking with parents since friday. a tailor middle school, security measures are updated rigly. locks to each room changed about a year ago, protecting those inside from an intruder, narrow windows are covered. the millbrae school district has four elementary schools, each of them has an emergency security plan. >> we have monthly drills and we're not talking just about fire drills but we also do
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lock down drills as well. .jx&lyy, police is present during a lock down drill. >> every month, those drills are reviewed. is this ongoing communication. >> the sheriff's office work was the schools visiting them once per week. >> i meet with the principal. and determine if they have needs with the school. on types of training and problems throughout the school. >> the millbrae school district acknowledge interested there is room for improvement. the district notifies parents it will-#la review, and assess y sures at each school. many parents feel children are safe. >> i don't think there is is school. we would be surrendering freedoms and impacting our kids psychologically in a bad way and the community in a bad way. >> security is something that will be discussed, teachers did what they do support their
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students. >> and so we're here to listen, to be here in case children need an adult to talk to. >> and they did a lot of that today, now, of course security something that will be discussed during the next school board meeting that is going to be held on january 14th, parents encouraged to participate, i'm live in millbrae, abc 7 news. >> leanne, thank you. parents in cupertino coping with a double layer of emotion facing the tragedy as well as a bomb threat in a school in their own community. >> we are up to date on that frightening incident. now, how parents are responding. >> happening now, students say teachers named in the bomb threat were returned to class today. the teacher is trying to he trourn a sense of normalcy afteryqtñ threatening graffiti s found on thursday. district administrators shut down two schools, after discovering spray painted
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messages saying there is a bomb atmonta vista[jkt÷ subject will be processed through the juvenile court system. >> and abc 7 news will continue to cover the school tragedy as it unfolds, abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will report live on our newscast at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. you can find latest developments on our web site
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abc 7 as well as our facebook page and twitter feed. >> now, san francisco police are looking for anyone with information on the shooting death of a concord high school football player saturday night. montreal blakely shot around 10:00 in the bay view district, taken to the hospital by a friend wraez pronounced dead. blakely was a senior in concord high. the school has made grieve counselors vainl for students and staff. >> moving on to weather now. a really soggy start to the week. >> there is widely scattered showers around the bay area, nothing like steady rain we saw this morning. that wet weather caused a number of accidents and slowed commute to a crawl in spots. >> umbrellas out today in san francisco, here is sandhya patel, and i guess we're not putting umbrellas away just yet. >> smart idea looking at live doppler 7, you'll see what is left. there isn't a lot left. we're watching a few light showers south of san jose around morgan hill and dwil
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roy towards marina area, very light returns right now.ft,d the rainfall there. sierra nevada turning to snow. and chain controls now on highway 50, state route 8 1k38 4. 80 just lifted chain controls. there is a winter storm warning in affect. west slope until midnight tonight. so several inches of snow expected with possible travel difficulties. snow is winding down. sheer how much rain we've received. 22/100ths in san francisco picked up over an inch in the santa cruz mountains. 15/100ths in san jose. 23/100ths oakland. santa rosea, just under a half inch. livermore, 7/100ths of rain. we may see this system wind down there is another system coming. i'll let you know when you might need rain gear again. >> speaking that have sis tinl, santa clara valley is bracing for freezing temperatures. >> david louie joins us live in san jose. david?
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>> well, all lis on rivers such as the guadalupe. the crews are making sure debris is cleared so rain runnoff will flow properly. now air, threat of freezing temperatures tomorrow night, it has posed new problems for homeowners and for the homeless. homeless. a good night as sleep inwré warm, dry place is important for the homeless when whether temperatures -- weather temperatures nasty. >> we see our numbers increasing during these cold weather months and when weather is, you know, harsh out there now. it is not by night, numbers tend to fluctuate. >> eac light builders runs shelters in santa clara county. largest here at this center have 250, but can take in an extra 100.g]vj hot meals are provided.
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intake done using a lottery system. but that is sus and spended when there is a weather emergency. mark wheeler knows what it's hostile. >> all it takes is a little bit of rain to get clothes wet, then, you're freezing. there are people that die out there. it's sad. >> the cold weathera1çqç sheltes allow shelters to wash and dry clothes, blankets, towels and soap are provided to clean up. various city, county and regional agencies are preparing for possible flooding later in the week with a major storm due on thursday. and a pool contractor warns people with roof top solar systems to be prepared for the cold wave. >> if you have solar plumbing, solar for swimming pools have you to empty panels to make sure they don't freeze. you'll have leaks all over the place in the spring time. >> and andy recommends homeowner was landscaping especially flowering plants cover them tomorrow night
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because of the freezing temperatures in order to prevent frost damage. abc 7 news. >> investigators searching for a rapist following a sexual assault of a woman on a popular hiking trail. >> the woman says she was attacked on the medrone trail last wednesday. officers posted warnings in the area. the woman says the attacker was in his early 40s walking a heavy set medium sized dog. this park service says he pulled her to the ground, then rape skmerd ran. >> so-to-san francisco police officers being hailed as heroes for saving live of a newborn baby into is remarkable. the officers responded to a call last wednesday when arriving they found aín2cç baby born just minutes earlier. the baby covered in blood and not bleejing. they decided to drift baby to the hospital. and cloud drove and another gave him cpr.
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>> we were sliding around pretty g but you know, it worked out, i guess. >> the officers remembers calmly. he admits he was emotional, crying. bib baby nash is doing better in the hospital. his mother chase faiss charges of willful cruelty. >> a man in san francisco is recovering after firefighters rescued him from a chimney. this happened in a six story apartment building. that is in laurel heights neighborhood. the man pulled out around midnight, investigators don't know why he was in the chimney. they say he was not trespassing. cruise have loosened bricks just to get him out. he's expected to be okay. >> if you're looking for an incentive to take care of christmas tree take a look at this video. this started with flames that spread to other parts of the room.#%té then, the christmas tree catches fire, you can see it's
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just a flash point and a fireball overtakes this room. the demonstration was set up by fire officials, it's estimated 400 people die every year from fires in the us use and takes only seconds. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 iphone 5 appears to be a head in our after the bell report. >> a busy day at the post office. what is the last day you can mail holiday cards to arrive by christmas? >> take a look at the live doppler 7 hd. radar shows more showers, we're tracking another rain maker coming our way. >> and a live look right now, at san francisco skyway. you can see traffic is light for drivers making their way south towards pin anybody sla and beyond. it's a really heavy crawl for those trying to head east across the bay bridge. abc 7 news at
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post office dealing with a rush of holiday mail today, monday before christmas is traditionally the busiest day of the year, but since next monday is christmas eve, the busy day falls today. it's the last day to get first class packages out to ensure they arrive by christmas.
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investigators taking a second look into the death of singer amy winehouse. officials say the coroner who did the first inquest didn't have the proper credentials. a hearing will be held january 8th ruled the death was an accidental alcohol death poisoning but they believe she died from alcohol withdrawal say sheg was sober for three weeks before the death. she passed away at age 27.
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>> celebrities hit the red carpet in the name of charity and engagement and baby news. >> a record breaking weekend for the new hobbit film. >> lord of the rings was a huge hit, now, numbers show the trilology might be bigger. it's opening weekend, the hobbit an unexpected journey took in $84.8 million, not only is that a better opening than all three lord of the rings movies but the biggest december opening ever. sarah drew in a couple other tv stars took sometime out of their weekend to hang oit with kids at childrens hospital in los angeles. it was a special winter wonderland setting oo. to be an a platform where i can promote organizations like this and charities like this, it's making this whole season worth it. >> new@]k÷ episodes return januy
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10th. singer kelly clarkson made a big announcement this weekend, she's engaged her fee jauns yeah is the stepson of reba. she wrote i am so lucky, and with the greatest man, ever. and more good news from hollywood. this one about actor channing tate yu. he and his wife are expecting. this will be the couple's first child together, they have been married three years. and you can get more headlines on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> all right, coming up, your credit card company may owe you money. >> also head could connecticut school tragedy be a turning point in the battle over stricter gun control? just ahead, calls for new legislation. >> why there is new optimism >> why there is new optimism we may avoid the
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and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle.
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like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. tragedy in newtown, connecticut. funeral services scheduled throughout thev;np week for 20 children and six adults killed elementary school. two children were buried today. students district wide received the day off. they will return to school tomorrow.
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survivors of the shooting may return to class this week, however, not at sandy hook elementary. crews are fixing up a middle school in a nearby town, survivors will attend that school temporarily there. is no date set for sandy hook elementary to reopen. >> the mass shootings skput oregon have reopened gun control debate. >> california senator is prom yitsing to reintroduce the assault weapons ban expired in 2004, it was a san francisco mass shooting that led to that law. >> abc 7 news joins us now with more on the debate. >> july 1, 1993. a man walked into a law office at9yúx 101 california street in san francisco, opening up with a pair of tech 9 handguns. mass murder at 101 california ended with a shooter taking his own life, but not before killing 8. >> one was my wife, jody. and i was left with a 10-month-old daughter at the time to raise myself. >> steven became a gun control
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advocate, testified before congress, stood with senator feinstein as a ban was signed into law but a provision in the law allowed to it expire after 10 years, senator feinstein is vowing now to row inowe produce the law. says it's past time. >> we need to take a look at what kind of law wez have to limit the firepower of psychotics and people that shouldn't have firearms so they can't hold mass shooting autos protestors marched outside of the head quarters in washington, d.c. this morning. in burlingame, scoot jackson, an nra instructor shows us some guns he uses to teach home defense and personal protections. he says assault weapons and high capacity an anything clips are not the problem. >> kids are detached.h]x#ñ everybody is in video games. they're detached from parents because of the media sources. >> jackson blames video games and a reliance on prescription
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drugs to treat behavioral problem autos there are a generation of murderers being raised because of video games and mind altering drug autos at san francisco law center the director says connecticut does have an assault weapons ban now. >> connecticut, however, does not ban large capacity ammunition magazines. that is something we understand was used in this shooting. and unfortunately, it's something we see in almost all mass shootings. >> i did call individual yes game programmers today, and their associations organization did not get a response, coming up at 6:00, long time gun rights members of congress speaking out against the clips, we'll get reaction to that from our firearms instructor in burlingame. >> we'll see you at 6:00. >> a meeting between president obama and top republican john boehner at the white house today is generating optimism a deal on the fiscal cliff can
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be reached before the year end deadline. the talks continued after the house speaker2v offered hikes9n tax rates for earners making $1 million a year, boehner had no comment after that meeting. house majority leader senator reid briefed congress it appears at that stage we'll see if anything changes but it appears we're going to be coming back a day after christmas to complete work on the fiscal cliff to go over item autos the meeting lasted about 45 minutes. the sides do remain far part on tax rates with the president wanting to raise taxes on income earners over $250,000 per year. >> city leaders will consider a proposal to declare the air there a no-drone zone. the commission is worried law enforcement will use technology to spy on citizens. voters set for tomorrow. and and supervisors had a plan tolsret up a grant on
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surveillance drone. the supervisors and sheriff came under pressure by privacy advocates including american civil liberties union. >> richmond city officials said to meet to consider permits for repairing the damaged portion of the chevron refinery. the pipeline ruptured in august, causing an explosion, huge fire. the chronicle reports chevron says it will have to layoff 600 workers by thursday. the company wants to replace destroyed pipe with a metal alloy. critics pressuring chevron to use stainless steel. corrosion is considered the likely cause of the explosion. >> customers of three credit card companies can expect extra cash incoming days or weeks. american express, discover and capitol one owe $435 million to six million customers part of a crack down on deceptive credit card practices. >> there is you know, shaking down bad banks and this card,
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get some money that, kind of thing. now, they're paying back. the man caught them, some people could see as much as $300 credited to their statements. >> customers not required to take any action. current card holders will receive a credit on their j% receive checks in the mail or have outstanding balances reduced. refunds should arrive bit end of march at the latest. >> would be nice to have that now. >> yes. exactly. >> go shopping. >> coming up a snacking discovery could help your kids stay fit, ahead. >> also, researchers discovered best workouts to help you drop those pounds. >> i'm sandhya pat yes. live look from our mount tamalpais camera. clear skies, chill in the air by morning. i'll have temperatures for tomorrow plus a look at when the next rain will arrive, coming up. >> a live look at traffic this, is the view from
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emeryville back towards mcarthur maze there. it's bumper to bumper left to right heading east towards berkeley and on the right side of the screen making a turn towards san francisco. towards san francisco. slow you know how much grandma wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii.
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but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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checking healthy living news a new study reveals if you want to burn fat, it's better to hit the treadmill.
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duke researchers followed 234 overweight adults and found aerobic workouts were better than resistance training and found a workout combining two activities weight lifting and running was no better in burning fat than running alone. researchers say the training is good for you, and just not very good at burning fat. >> if you can convince your dhoirn eat cheese and vegetables as a snack, you're ahead of the battle against childhood obesity. cornellapkb university gave the kids a snack and compared them to kids given potato chips. the nutritious snack group ended up consuming 72% fewer calories meaning they filled up faster on >> canadian researchers say when it comes to milk, two cups per day is enough for toddlers. researchers studied 1500 children between ages of two that if cow's milk consumption
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increase sod did vitamin d, but iron levels decreased. researchers say it's possible and there are two full to have other foods.s:s'ñ a shortage of iron can impair development and skills. >> from milk to sewedda, diet pepsi tasting sweeter to you, a new formula hilt shelves in a few test markets. this new formula contains a sweetener in addition to the old aspertame. it comes as pepsi trying to reinvigorate the brand. pepsi will launch a rebranding campaign next month. forecast, rain is gone, but cold is still here. and sandhya patel join use heading into wednesday morning let's show you live doppler 7 hd now.
4:40 pm
rain moved out of the bay area, we have showers left between gilroy, down towards salinas. very light returns as you can see here. and if you have travel plans for tuesday, we're expecting snow around yosemite. 37 degrees, tahoe, snow and 24 degrees. showers, snow mixing in. freeze warning for tomorrow morning 1:00 to 8:00 a.m. it's going to be cold up there. looking at the forecast, partly cloudy, cool afternoon tomorrow, mid-40s to mid-50s as you'll notice there. is a slight chance of showers for your tuesday. as a cold system skirts the coastline. really doesn't look like a big shower event. we'll notice the chill in the air heading into wednesday morning. temperatures dropping down to freezing in some bay area communities so they may end up, national weather service issuing a watch or warning getting closer.
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of course, more rain is in the forecast later on. >> i can't wait. thank you. >> all right. here's looking at you. >> the piano from the film ka -- casa blanka. you'll recognize the winning bidder. >> to throw a holiday party on a budget. frozen appetizers put to the test. >> boys like to bake, now they'll be up to using something that is not pink. what happened when little
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a major toy company changing the way it markets one of the popular products to try to make it more gender inclusive. easy bake oven has been a favorite for girls for generations until now, marketed only in pink and purple. after a 13-year-old girl started a petition, hasbro agreed to make it to include neutral colors. she started the campaign because her 4-year-old brother says he wants to be a chef. >> this is of course the season for entertaining at home. and consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side
4:45 pm
for this property about how to entertain for less. >> michael finney swril details. >> 'tis the season to celebrate with friends, family and food up and grade your usual cheek and cracker appetizers. consumer reports finds certain ready made appetizers save time, and money. >> want to be the hosts without breaking the bank? look no are further than this consumer reports tested 18 frozen appetizers. it's en including steaks and pie. fñ and tgi friday's leaving a lot of cheese on the tray. of the six cheese sticks tested only one turned out to be very good. the farm rich breaded sticks were big cheesey and tasty. >> our train tasters thought other side were mediocre,
4:46 pm
mindless eating. all mozzarella sticks have a fair amount of fat and calories. >> the lowest rated in the test chicken taquito. >> the best of the appetizers were all six tested, tasted very good. costco are top rated with flavorful, fresh tasting spinach. another good choice, these spinach pies surround rounding fresh tasting spinach. >> it's a good thing to buy at the store. and they're lower in fat and calorie autos remember, a light snack can help awe void overindulging on appetizers. when organizers indicatorors suggest planning serving eight appetizers per person for the first hour, then five for the rest of the party. serving dinner too, figure three to four appetizers per
4:47 pm
person. >> now, we're hungry. >> one of the hot trends of the year, people digging deeper into their mobile digital waltz. someone bought a $48,000 bulldozer topping a list of high end mobile purchases for 2012. 46 thoi for a white gold diamond necklace, followed by a rare coin collection. consumer tracker says 13% of the cyber monday purchases will be made%kn a mobile device up an astounding 96% compared to a year ago. >> play it again, leo. will never replace play it again, sam, but actor leonardo dicaprio is the owner of the most famous piano in history buying the piano from
4:48 pm
"casablanca". he got a deal, experts thought it might bring closer to $1 million f you're a film historian, we note humphrey bogart never said play it again, sam, but said play it, sam. >> stanford grads came up with an invention changing livesfasqf blind people. a product improvings and getting attention. >> walking and texting. what a dangerous problem it can be. >> i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 news room. coming up, reviewing school safety plans following the sandy hook shooting tragedy. every school required to submit a plan each year, yerkts many don't that. could soon change z ingredient banned from children vaccines now a group gives it an okay, which could ignite a new controversy coming up at 5:00.
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>> now, here is a look at what is ahead on world news at >> tonight we'll continue the coverage for the tragedy. we join in the search for solutions5ç: and what we think the president is going to do first. and also, you'll meet parents coming out of the shadows tonight saying they think they need help with their children, too. we'll bring you their stories and other news from over the
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the accidents kill 4,000 people and injure 60,000 more. >> and now, for someone blind, printed labels on everything from serial bchl boxes to medication might as well be blank but a group of graduates is changing that now. abc 7 news reporter explains a business break through is helping to change the lives of blind people. >> this is a barometer. >> it didn't stop him from
4:54 pm
becoming an engine year. >> this that i copied and improved. >> designing tools made for blind people. a t changes pitch. >> from a carpenter to a soddering iron gary adopted almost every tool except one. >> blind people zront a pencil. or didn't. and this is until the six dot machine. this is a labeler. it spits out a label like this. >> designed by stanford graduates this labeler printed out sticky labels in braille, a sis tism raised dots that is taking more than three months to label all of the little drawers in the work shop with
4:55 pm
six-dot, he says it would take about three days so. big, now, inventors have hit the jackpot. >> we've been in the red. >> not anymore. robert and other grads just announce aid company is buying their start up skrks bringing them on as senior staff members. the newly formed logan technology makes a device for autistic kids. and plans to start mass producing the labelers. >> this isbg34v a good fit for both. >> this is because it isn't just for blind people. braille. >> if you don't know braille, if you know a blind person, or you work with a blind person, you can print their labels for them. >> as for bill, he's labeled everything down to his microwave oven. >> there are things like pop, pop corn. >> and not stopping any time soon. >> i'd like to label that camera before you get out of
4:56 pm
here. >> mazing. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 gift to you is a host of free apps for smart phones and tab blets hopefully a loved one will be getting for you. you can down load our app for iphone, or tablet as well as kindel fire in or abc 7 news app available for the devices as well as ipad. you can down load for free. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right if you. >> thank you very much. california school safety plans under review following the sandy hook tragedy. now, schools could pay if they don't need meet a mandatory requirement. >> i'm sandhya patel. live tracking just a few showers now. when we'll see another round of rain here and what could settle in coming up. >> people rush to protect pipes and plants from the
4:57 pm
frost, there is one item depending on the sun that often gets overlooked. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> survivors of the school shooting will trourn class, soon. >> back in class this week, now, skill tradesmen have donated their time to fix up an unused middle school in monroe township. the future of sanldy hook elementary school remains undecided. head of schools says the school may see a renovation like columbine high school saw after the 1999 massacre. tonight sandy÷
4:58 pm
funerals, mourners talked about love of animals and tacos. he and his twin sister celebrated their birthdays last month. she was in another classroom and survived. >> newtown community buried another 6-year-old boy today, jack pinto abc 7 news is live in that deaf stated small town. the young new york giants fan was remembered today. laura? hi, dan. i'm in the center of sandy hook here this, is the village this, is also become the center piece for a growing
4:59 pm
public memorial here as you can see. thousands of flowers, stuffed animals and folks from around the area and country have come theer pay respects. just a short distance from there is a private service for a young boy clearly who was dearly loved by his family and friends. >> as the hearse pulled into a funeral home, first of the services for the sandy hook victims was underway. among mourners families with children. many considered the energetic first grader among their best friends. >> he likes to play and stuff. >> services will be carried out in similar fashion this week throughout the devastated community. this funeral home had another child service scheduled for tuesday. >> for kids inside, i mean, to see them go through

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